Tips4Chess –Book of the week – “Volga Gambit (Benko Gambit) A58-59” by Anatoly Karpov

A58 – A59 series of the traditional chess monograph series published by Sahovski Informator. This particular series for Volga Gambit is prepared by former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov and this book covers the main line of the Volga Gambit (Benko Gambit) Accepted 1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5  3. d5 b5 4. 5.bxa6. One important note for Tips4Chess readers is that Chess Monographs only include opening trees and pure variations. Therefore for you who expect to find comments or narrative explanations of the moves should definitely search for other types of books as this book format would not match your needs at all.

Instead, chess monographs consist of pure variations with only chess notations and signs, in other words, a book that represents you the opening lines in a opening tree format. In that aspect a monograph pretty much resembles a Chessbase Opening Tree which is nowadays used by majority professional chess players in modern chess era.

Other than set of variations in the Volga Gambit, you will be able to find some reference games are referred to each variation in Volga Gambit as this could be an old publishment, however, considering the books author, it shouldnt be playing significant role as long as the example games and lines are selected by Anatoly Karpov. If you want to specialise in one chess opening or in a particular chess variation of an opening, chess monographs are a must buy resource for you to acquire an overall knowledge related to the opening area you are mostly interested in to focus.

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