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Rilton Cup is one of the well-known and biggest chess tournaments organized in Scandinavia. The tournament is organized every year in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. Tournament usually starts around end of december with usually one round per day.

The tournament has 3 different divisions. In the Cup division is played in 9 rounds, you may expect to see some top level competitors with +2600 Elo rating. In the upcoming tournament players such as GM Tamir Nabaty, GM Gata Kamsky, GM Mikhail Kobalia etc. Other divisions are namely Rilton Elo, this section is open for players with Elo rating less than 2200 and finally the Rilton 1800 division for players with less than 1800 Elo point.

Please note that Elo and Cup divisions may have different number of rounds and schedule and therefore we strongly recommend you to check all the related information on the official website of the tournament.

Click here for the Official Website for Rilton Cup




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