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Tips4Chess is a brand new website for all chess enthusiasts not only to share ideas and thoughts about chess products and services but also to collect useful information about ”chess events”, ”chess products and services”. In other words, Tips4Chess aims to provide you practical tips about up-to-date chess tournaments, chess materials such as chess books, chess sets, chess clocks etc.


FM DENIZ ARMAN, Founder of Tips4Chess.com

One of the most impressive features included only by Tips4chess website is that you have the power to contribute to the assessment of various chess products and services. In addition, your evaluations of the chess products such as books etc. are visible to all chess players and we believe that this will create additional value to all chess fans from amateurs to professionals.

In the Tips4Chess Tournaments section, you can share your comments, thoughts and experiences about specific chess tournaments you played and also you will be able to evaluate various aspects of the chess tournaments such as, specific costs, accomodation options and other aspects. This will contribute to overall assessment of chess tournaments and also to share experiences with others.

Below is an example for illustration;





In the Tips4Chess Books section, you can evaluate various aspects of chess books and share comments, thoughts, opinions related to content, quality and price of chess books.


Below is an example of a chess book review:



We expect Tips4Chess to provide you useful and reliable information for all kinds of chess products & services.

Please note once again that this is a brand new website so Tips4Chess team definitely appreciates any feedback and  comments to develop our website.

You are welcome to leave any comments, thoughts and ideas via our ”Contact us” page.

We hope you to enjoy this website ! 🙂

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