Tips4Chess “How to find the most convenient chess set ?”

Todays chess market is huge and offering variety of chess products.We have the possibility to access to all types of chess sets via online stores, chess clubs in your neighbourhood or possibly from chess product seller in many tournaments.

Nowadays there are chess pieces and chess pieces, chess boards made of different material with various size & weight options. As the market offers an extended portfolio of chess pieces and boards, it might get little more confusing for us as chess players & customers to pick the most convenient chess pieces and boards. The question is ”How can we find the most convenient chess pieces and chess board for our personal use?”

Tips4Chess has several suggests to focus on several tips for you to be able to find the most convenient chess board & pieces to get the best satisfaction from your game of chess.

Exchange between Functionality & Esthetics

As we all know that chess sets are a symbol or can be considered as an intellectual property where both esthetics but also functionality features are both may have the importance for you.

Therefore we would recommend you to identify the reasons for purchasing a chess set. For Example; if you are a chess practicer who is mainly enjoying playing blitz games during the week with friends & family then the best idea is to first focus on the functional characteristics of chess pieces such as type of material the chess pieces are made of.

In this case a soft and easy to grap chess pieces would be much more functional to play blitz and bullet chess where you have the possibility and risk of dropping pieces to the floor. In other words, a soft chess piece with less esthetical features made of plastic would fulfill the need of a blitz chess players much better than a wooden quality chess piece.

On the other hand, if you are much more interested in esthetics of a chess set and would aim to use a chess set as a decoration then it could be more interesting to search for antics chess sets to fulfill your artistic needs such as chess sets and boards for decoration would perfectly add value to your property visually.

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