Tips4Chess –Book of the week – “Volga Gambit (Benko Gambit) A58-59” by Anatoly Karpov

A58 – A59 series of the traditional chess monograph series published by Sahovski Informator. This particular series for Volga Gambit is prepared by former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov and this book covers the main line of the Volga Gambit (Benko Gambit) Accepted 1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5  3. d5 b5 4. 5.bxa6. One important note for Tips4Chess readers is that Chess Monographs only include opening trees and pure variations. Therefore for you who expect to find comments or narrative explanations of the moves should definitely search for other types of books as this book format would not match your needs at all.

Instead, chess monographs consist of pure variations with only chess notations and signs, in other words, a book that represents you the opening lines in a opening tree format. In that aspect a monograph pretty much resembles a Chessbase Opening Tree which is nowadays used by majority professional chess players in modern chess era.

Other than set of variations in the Volga Gambit, you will be able to find some reference games are referred to each variation in Volga Gambit as this could be an old publishment, however, considering the books author, it shouldnt be playing significant role as long as the example games and lines are selected by Anatoly Karpov. If you want to specialise in one chess opening or in a particular chess variation of an opening, chess monographs are a must buy resource for you to acquire an overall knowledge related to the opening area you are mostly interested in to focus.

Tips4Chess “Mayhem in Morra” by IM Marc Esserman

This week Tips4Chess team review one of the most interesting chess opening books “Mayhem in Morra” by American International Master Marc Esserman.

This great chess opening book is covering one of the most fascinating and exciting chess opening Smiths Morra Gambit, which is considered to be a good weapon against sicilian 1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.c3 by IM Esserman.

Mayhem in Morra is paying attention to both main variations with 3…dxc3 but also focusing on anti-Morra Gambit lines where black often prefers to play the position with equal material to reduce the tension in this interesting opening line.

Morra Gambit accepted lines with all possible setups used by black such as Siberian System, Schveningen System, The modern Nge7 and also covering early deviations used in practice by black right after dxc3 move.

In addition, there are many exciting lines included in almost all of the setups where white is trying to prove advantage by offering pieces and implementing plans combines with exciting sacrifices. This book is especially recommended for young chess players who would like to improve their tactical understanding of chess but also recommended for players who would like to deepen their understanding on certain chess positions in attacking chess.

The text language used in this book by IM Marc Esserman uses in his book is quite entertaining and inspiring as its written in the spirit of a science fiction movie. IM Esserman also included inspirational quotes from well-known movies like James Bond 007, Batman – Dark Knight series and trying to take us into an exciting and imaginary world for his adventurous analysis.

This unique opening book differs itself in many different ways from traditional chess opening books we get used to buy and read.

One important fact regarding IM Esserman is that he is considered to be one of the leading Morra Gambit practitioner in todays modern chess and this product is mainly reffering to Essermans personal Morra Gambit experience and practices.

The book also analyses his well known game against strong GM Loek Van Wely in Morra Gambit in year 2011. Click here to see the game

Apart from that, most of the variations recommended by IM Esserman in his book, has been tested by author in various tournaments and his passion to bring this opening . His efforts to put all these years work together is a sign that Esserman has done an excellent job.

Another impressive feature of “Mayhem in Morra” is the way Esserman draws his conclusions with respect to his practical game experiences combined together with modern computer analysis and this makes his work both interesting and at the same time increasing the reliability of his game analysis and we strongly recommend this great and exciting chess book for all levels of chess players up to Grandmaster Level.

Tips4Chess team recommends this interesting book for all e4 players who has been having hard time in coping with the main lines of sicilian. As we all know that sicilian has always been a good weapon against 1.e4.

Furthermore, it might require quite a lot of effort, time and energy for some chess players to prepare for all sharp lines and variations in sicilian therefore “Mayhem in Morra” can be used as a good secret weapon for your chess tournament preparations and also allows you to surprise you opponents.

Finally, Tips4Chess team appreciates your comments and evaluations of this interesting book. Below you are able to make an overall asessment of Mayhem in Morra (from 1 to 10 point ) and please do not forget to add your comments on this interesting chess book.

Tips4Chess “How to find the most convenient chess set ?”

Todays chess market is huge and offering variety of chess products.We have the possibility to access to all types of chess sets via online stores, chess clubs in your neighbourhood or possibly from chess product seller in many tournaments.

Nowadays there are chess pieces and chess pieces, chess boards made of different material with various size & weight options. As the market offers an extended portfolio of chess pieces and boards, it might get little more confusing for us as chess players & customers to pick the most convenient chess pieces and boards. The question is ”How can we find the most convenient chess pieces and chess board for our personal use?”

Tips4Chess has several suggests to focus on several tips for you to be able to find the most convenient chess board & pieces to get the best satisfaction from your game of chess.

Exchange between Functionality & Esthetics

As we all know that chess sets are a symbol or can be considered as an intellectual property where both esthetics but also functionality features are both may have the importance for you.

Therefore we would recommend you to identify the reasons for purchasing a chess set. For Example; if you are a chess practicer who is mainly enjoying playing blitz games during the week with friends & family then the best idea is to first focus on the functional characteristics of chess pieces such as type of material the chess pieces are made of.

In this case a soft and easy to grap chess pieces would be much more functional to play blitz and bullet chess where you have the possibility and risk of dropping pieces to the floor. In other words, a soft chess piece with less esthetical features made of plastic would fulfill the need of a blitz chess players much better than a wooden quality chess piece.

On the other hand, if you are much more interested in esthetics of a chess set and would aim to use a chess set as a decoration then it could be more interesting to search for antics chess sets to fulfill your artistic needs such as chess sets and boards for decoration would perfectly add value to your property visually.