Tips4Chess “King Safety and Importance of Castling” Tips for Beginners

The ultimate goal in the game of chess is to checkmate your opponents King and the goal is also valid for your opponent. Many beginners start learning chess by attacking strategies.

There are popular mating techniques such as Scholars mate in addition, it is vital for a beginner to learn how to mate with queen, how to mate with rook etc., however, it is almost equally important to ensure your own King Safety to achieve victory.

When we learn the rules of game of chess, there are two special moves we teach the beginners after showing the movement of all chess pieces. These two special moves are “en passant” (capturing a pawn which advances two steps forward) and the other special move is called “castling” which is an extremely important and multi-functional move achieved by moving the king and one of the rooks on the corner to ensure your kings safety.

For our readers who would like to get more information about legal rules of chess, we would recommend to google the key words and you will be able to access tons of useful information about fundamental rules of chess.

The importance of castling is usually not very well understood by beginner level players because of the fact that beginners usually tend to enjoy the attacking strategies and capturing pieces which usually gives a good feeling of an achievement however,  underestimating your own king safety will lead to a defeat.. Many beginners tend to lose more and more games and this will create more suffering for players and also may decrease the level of joy they get from the game as losing always is not fun ! 🙂

If you have King in the middle of the board, there will most likely occur major practical failures which will sooner or later prove that the risk of having a king in the centre is putting a serious limitation to your freedom of challenging the struggle in the central squares (e4,d4,e5,d5) and also will put limitation to your attacking options  and opportunities in most of the cases.

In a scenario where you would try to organise attack to your opponent without castling your own king, you will most probably face serious issues to coordinate your attacking pieces, especially considering the coordination of your pieces. Do not forget that castling is not only ensuring your King Safety in most of the cases but also contributes to your pieces development by bringing one of the rooks in the corner quickly into the game and also creating connection between rooks on the first rank.

As Tips4Chess team we recommend all beginners and chess enthusiasts to play their games by castling right after developing all pieces in order to ensure their King Safety ! 😉

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Tips4Chess Openings for Beginners

We recommend beginners to play openings where they can apply the principle rules in the most appropriate way.

We should always keep in mind that a beginner first and most importantly needs to develop his or her basic skills in chess such as strategy and tactics, importance of the central squares, placing your pieces in active squares and ensuring king safety by castling.

These skills more or less has direct relation to the opening choice of a beginner and therefore we would recommend beginners to play open chess positions to encourage them learning different chess skills quickly and therefore playing first move 1. e4 will offer them a wide choice of opportunities to discover various tactical ideas and patterns but also to teach them how to calculate and evaluate in open positions where the stakes are higher.

One of the well known opening theme for beginners is given below

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Ac3 Nf6 4.Bb5 Bb4 5.d3 d6 6.00 00







As you can see in the diagram, both white and black players have almost managed to develop their pieces as quickly as possible and in the next move the bishop on c1 square can either go to e3 or g5 and then white almost completed the opening stage successfully by developing all pieces in one move and not spending too much time by moving the same piece several times. The queen and rooks are then ready to take part in the game.

It is very common to see that beginners intend to play the same piece several times in a row in the opening which is not recommended at all. In addition, developing the queen, the strongest piece on the board, at the very early stages of the game is not recommended either, as this will create additional issues unless you are not a chess master. Even though there are openings like Scandinavian where you will be developing Queen as early as second move, this kind of openings are not really recommended for beginners.

As Tips4Chess team, we recommend you to play open positions which are most likely arising from 1.e4 openings such as italian opening, four knights opening or spanish opening.These types of openings will help you to learn fundemantals very quickly and also will help you to improve your chess in a shorter period of time.

Once you are able to demonstrate better skills in chess, you can start playing 1.d4 1.Nf3 or 1.c4 type of openings where you can deepen your understanding of the game of chess.

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