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Dear Chess Friends & Enthusiasts,

Yes that is true !! I am finally happy and proud to announce that FedaMaster’s Facebook Page is now active.

As many of you may know, FedaMaster is a full time Chess Streamer on Twitch and the brand new Facebook Page of FedaMaster is a great source to track daily live streams and commentary of chess tournaments as all relevant posts related to chess news, events and articles are shared on this great platform.

There are also chess votes and discussions available on FedaMaster facebook page to talk and learn more about chess !

If chess is a lifestyle for you, then do not forget to like FedaMaster Page to get access to high quality chess content on Facebook ! 😉

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FedaMaster – FM Deniz Arman

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Today FedaMaster twitch channel:has reached 2000 Followers!

We are growing rapidly and content of our live streams are expanding day by day ! 

I would like to thank you all for yout great support and interest to my channel!

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