Tips4Chess Tournaments “List of most interesting and strong tournaments to play in December”

In this article we would like to give you some hints on interesting tournaments to play during the new year time. Below is the list of tournaments recommended by Tips4Chess Team.

We also recommend for you to look up at Fides Website. There you will be able to find the list of all pre-announced tournaments which will be played over the course of the year. The list of the tournaments can be accessed via – Fide – Other Tournaments section. You can search tournaments  by choosıng corresponding month of the year.

1-Rilton Cup  (Stockholm, Sweden)

Rilton Cup is considered to be one of the biggest chess events of Scandinavia and every year it is possible to enjoy 10 days of chess during new year in one of the most beautiful cities of Scandinavia. In Rılton Cup every year there are approximately 20-25 grandmasters participate in the Cup category of the tournament and this category mainly consists of chess players with Elo rating above 2000.

This is one of the strongest tournaments that you can play during the new year and therefore we strongly recommend if you are willing to play some competitive chess while welcoming the new year.

2-  Sunway Sitges Chess Festival (Sitges, Spain)

Sunway chess festival can be considered as one of the best organized chess tournaments during the year and the tournament is hosting a lot of chess starts such as Samuel Shankland, Ivan Sokolov and many other +2600 players. In addıtıon there are bunch of Grandmasters, International Masters and Fide Masters all over the europe participating in this extremely strong tournament in Spain. Sitges is a city which is only 40 minutes distance away from Barcelone by train and the city is known to be a famous summer spot for tourists thanks to its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. Even though the tournament is taking place during the winter time which unfortunately is not the best time of the year to visit Sitges, still it is possible to enjoy the inspiring and beautiful city view. Please also look at Sunway Sitges Tournament Review on our website for further information.

3- International Chess Festival “CRACOVIA” (Krakow, Poland)

This festival takes place in Krakow, Poland during the new year beginning from Dec 27 until Jan 4. Another good tournament we recommend is the Cracovia international chess tournament in Poland. This tournament is one of the traditional chess tournaments in Poland, taking place in the city of Krakow. It is also possible to find a lot of strong chess players in this tournament like in Rilton Cup.

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Tips4Chess Tournaments “Sunway Sitges Festival” @Sitges, Spain


Sunway Sitges is one of the well-known international chess tournaments that is organized in the city of Sitges in Spain. The tournament takes place every year around middle of december. The tournament is organized in two main divisions, Group A for players above 1700 Elo rating and Group B for players under 2000 Elo rating.

The Group A has a very strong startfield and you can always expect several +2600 rated players competing in this section. Last year the tournament hosted 26 Grandmasters including some of the very well-known top level Grandmasters in the form of GM Alexander Motylev from Russian Federation, GM Samuel Shankland from United States, GM Salem Abdulrahmen Saleh from United Arab Emirates, GM Hrant Melkumyan from Armenia and Romain Eduard from France.



Sitges is a city almost around 40 minutes distance from Barcelona Sants Station and the city is famous for its beaches and considered to be one of the hot spot areas in Spain during summertime.

You can plan your trip for this tournament to Sitges via Barcelona. There are good chances of finding direct flight tickets from various destinations across the world to Barcelona Airport and from there as mentioned there are regular train connections from Barcelona to Sitges.

Click here for the Official Website of Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival

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